Smart Watch: Best smartwatch models this 2022

One of the most in-demand gadgets today is the smartwatch. Ever since the first wave of models by Sony, Apple and Qualcomm went for sale in 2013, the popularity of these wearable devices has been at a steady increase. Today, hundreds upon thousands of models can be found on the market made by various companies and contain unique features.

This saturated market makes it hard for consumers to find the best model for themselves as they can get easily overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about that as we here at Smart Watch has your back!

To help you end up with the best smartwatch for you, we’ve listed down some of the best models available in the market today. From the number of features to the quality of their build, these watches will be worth the price. Keep on reading to find out more!

Apple Watch 7

As of the time of writing, the Apple Watch 7 reigns supreme over other models for one specific reason. Aside from being built with the same quality that the company has always been known for, Watch 7 has the most number of apps made by big-name developers.

Also, if you’re used to Apple’s operating system, then this watch will feel right at home for you because watch OS 8 is specifically designed and modelled for iOS. However, if you’ve always been an Android fan, you may also find this device interesting since it’s more than just a watch that tells time.

Because it’s the latest model of Apple’s smartwatch line, it’s equipped with the best and newest processor available, the Apple S7. This makes it possible for this tiny device to operate at high speeds without compromising quality.

Its biggest highlight however is its new and improved OLED display which is available in both 1.69 and 19.9-inches. Aside from being an eye-candy, this brighter and larger screen allows its users to clearly view the screen even under brightly-lit environments.

Because the watch comes at such an expensive price, we would recommend applying a screen protector. However, thanks to the premium materials used in this model, it can take various bumps and scratches. Moreover, light rain wouldn’t be a problem because it’s water-resistant.

However, users were quick to notice a glaring problem with the Apple Watch 7 and that is its battery life. With its price range, you would expect it to perform better than Fitbit and Samsung models which can last from 3 up to 6 days. Unfortunately, this model’s battery life only clocks in at around 18 hours.

As for its space, the watch comes with onboard storage of 32GB which is capable of storing various apps. Lastly, users of this gadget won’t have a hard time connecting wires from outlets as it comes with wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

When it comes to Android capability, the best model that you can get is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. As soon as this watch was announced, the internet started buzzing because this marked the return of Samsung to the original Wear OS. 

However, once you hold this model, you’ll immediately notice that Samsung has put its spin on the OS by adding subtle hints of its previous OS, Tizen. People were quick to point out that this combination was a match made in heaven with Tizen offering the aesthetics while the Wear OS provides the functionality.

Moving over to the display, the Galaxy Watch 4 differs from Apple by featuring a round display rather than a square. Consumers can choose from 2 different sizes: 1.2 and 1.4-inches. Although it’s relatively smaller than Apple’s offering, it still looks amazing thanks to the Super AMOLED panel that Samsung has been using on their thousand-dollar flagship phones.

One of the biggest highlights of this watch can be seen with its battery. Users can enjoy up to 3 days without charging depending on the tasks that they do with the watch. This is levels higher than other models in the market which can only last from a couple of hours up to a single day.

As for comfortability, this watch feels great on the wrist thanks to its lightweight build and small frame. Add to that its use of premium materials, then you’ve got a compact and well-built smartwatch.

Apple Watch SE

If you want to buy an Apple Watch at almost half the price, we would recommend buying the Apple Watch SE. Apple’s more affordable offering does have a lower price but doesn’t be fooled as it doesn’t cut corners with its quality and features.

For starters, the build of the watch looks and feels premium which makes sense as it uses the same materials that Apple has always been known for with their phones and watches. The design itself is something that you won’t get tired of looking at. It shares similarities with the more expensive model but at the same time, it has its unique look.

Moving over to one of the most important features of a smartwatch, the display is pleasant to look at thanks to its large and vibrant 1.78-inch OLED panel. This beautiful display makes it possible for its wearer to clearly see the screen outdoors while the sun is out which is important if you’re going out for a jog. Additionally, it has several levels of brightness between being overly bright and dim which you can program to immediately adapt to its surroundings.

Other highlights of this watch include a 32GB onboard storage which is the same one that you’ll get from its more expensive counterpart and a built-in wireless charging capability.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Although the latest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line tries its best to mimic the Tizen interface, there’s nothing like having it as the watch’s true operating system. If you’re missing the Tizen interface that Samsung used to have, then you’ll be pleased to know that their previous model, the Galaxy Watch 3 is still available to buy today. You might want to buy one now though as it can disappear from their shelves in a couple of months when the new model comes out.

It features a sleek and functional design that manages to be lightweight and comfortable at the same time. However, the most revolutionary part of this smartwatch’s design is the rotating bezel which makes controlling the watch all the more satisfying and enjoyable. This unique feature is a huge help with navigating the watch as the display only comes in at 1.2 and 1.4-inches.

Another highlight of this watch is the impressive battery life which can last the wearer up to 3 days without charging. 

The only downside with this watch is that it has a limited amount of apps compared to the two leading operating systems, Wear OS and watchOS.However, if you can look past that, you’ll still end up with a solid watch that’s still impressive by today’s standards.

Fitbit Versa 3

Apple and Samsung aren’t the only two companies that are battling for the top spot in the smartwatch market. If you don’t want to buy from those two companies, you can always opt for the never-disappointing Fitbit, especially its latest model, the Versa 3.

The Fitbit Versa 3 follows the same blueprints that were laid out by its predecessors but with a few minor tweaks to optimize its performance. This is especially true with its battery life which significantly gained a boost making the watch last up to 6 whole days without charging.

Looking at the screen, it’s nothing spectacular but it still gets the job done thanks to its vibrant AMOLED display. Its 1.58-inch panel is enough to fit everything you need to see from the time to the various apps. It’s also enough room for your fingers to tap the different buttons on the screen.

However, there are some downsides to this model which includes a less than stellar side button and the lack of onboard storage. Also, music lovers may be disappointed when they find out that this watch is not capable of playing Spotify offline.

Fitbit Sense

Sticking to Fitbit, their second-best offering is undoubtedly the Sense model. It almost has similar specs as the Vera 3 but this model is equipped with a 4GB onboard storage space. Also, it slightly performs better in terms of battery life as it can go more than 6 days without charging.

One thing that Fitbit has always been known for is its durability and that same trait can be seen in this model. Users won’t have to worry about wearing this to the gym or getting wet in the rain because this model is water-resistant. However, we still discourage users from jumping into the pool while wearing this watch as it’s not waterproof.

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