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RPMA or Random Phase Multiple Access was developed particularly and exclusively for connecting machines wirelessly

Battery Life

RPMA is designed to offer extremely long battery life. How extreme? Ingenu can offer 20+ years of battery life. Battery life relies on many factors. If you think about your mobile phone, your battery life relies on how many and how long your phone calls are, the strength of the signal coming to your phone, which apps are running, battery size and power, how efficient the operating system is, how good its sleep mode is, and many other little things. Device battery life relies on essentially the same things. We understand that battery life requires a holistic approach and solid understanding of the whole technology stack. RPMA is designed to keep your devices powered for the long haul.

Deep Coverage

We can cost effectively cover areas that cellular and others are unwilling or unable to cover. This kind of coverage capability enables companies to place devices in areas that were impossible or simply uneconomical before the Machine Network. Each tower in the Machine Network offers 10 times the coverage of cellular providers’ and hundreds of times the coverage of other IoT network providers.


RPMA meets or exceeds the data features that the industry has come to expect from cellular providers. RPMA offers:

  • Reliable, acknowledged deliver
  • Six security guarantees including strong authentication
  • Flexible frame sizes
  • Full two-way data flow
  • Congestion management
  • Firmware downloads

When you connect to the IoT using RPMA, you get more than a simple data link. RPMA gives you a connectivity experience that allows you to use your devices to their fullest potential.


Ingenu has designed RPMA from the very beginning with the ability to scale to tens, even hundreds of billions of devices. Our modules are smart and can control the power at which they send signal. This seems simple, but without this ability a network quickly fills to capacity and even adding new towers will not help. To learn why this is, read our white paper, How RPMA Works. . Our network guarantee comes not only from our smart modules but from the science behind the signal as well.


To many people, security is an afterthought. When we created RPMA, security was integral to our mission. RPMA technology offers six state-of-the-art security guarantees:

  • Mutual authentication
  • Message integrity and replay protection
  • Message confidentiality
  • Device anonymity
  • Authentic firmware upgrades
  • Secure multicasts

These guarantees have won the trust of and protect dozens of private networks for utilities, oil and gas companies, municipalities and others. These are highly regulated industries, under high scrutiny and high demands. And these companies rely on RPMA for end-to-end security.

The Machine Network South Africa

The Machine Network is being deployed in South Africa right now. Watch this space for coverage updates

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How RPMA works

Learn how RPMA can give you the winning edge in the Internet of Things

How RPMA works