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Stop doing these things to succeed in IoT in 2018

By January 10, 2018 No Comments
  • Stop the hype about connected things

Your customers and your audience understand that everything can be connected. The real issue is what problems are you solving with your connected devices. In the Dot-com bust there was a flurry of websites like ( which causes the miracle that is the internet to become gimmicky.

The focus needs to be on the bottom line (read $$$) or efficiency benefits that the connected solution can bring to your customer.

  • Stop confusing the client

One needs to only spend a day at an IoT conference to create confusion to last a month peppered with endless acronyms and jargon. Forget not the plethora of platforms,  gateways, AI, machine learning, big data etc. The truth is your customer doesn’t care.

It only serves to delay a decision the you are selling towards. You should rather focus on understanding the processes that the solution you are selling will improve in your customer’s business.

  • Stop selling technology

Because this is a technology solution most of us focus our discussion on the bits and bytes; feeds and speeds and interfaces that we bring to the table. The truth is the buyers that we need to address are more concerned about the improvements and efficiency their (not yours) entire business value chain. If you’re not talking to them in terms of these values your solution will not hit the spot.

  • Stop talking to IT

The default of most business developer is to begin these discussion with the IT department. This is a mistake. IOT is an outcomes based economy. The outcomes we are looking for are about adding value in the most important of business’ metrics: “profitability” and this is about improve the turnover and decreasing costs. The IT department may assist in the implementation of IOT solutions but more often than not they don’t determine the business case.

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