Connected Farm. Professionally Managed.

The professionally managed ubiquitous coverage provided by the Machine Network™ means smart farms don’t need to worry about infrastructure management or the associated costs. They can simply purchase and place their nitrate sensors and enjoy automated soil nutrient tracking. And RPMA’s full-featured value allows for high-density placement of soil sensors. Higher density soil sensors give high-resolution field data pushing crop yield to the next level. Higher resolution field data allows for higher resolution application of water and nutrients. With conventional methods you pay three times: 1) when you purchase the solution, 2) when you have lower crop yield because of under application of water and nutrients, and 3) when you over apply water and nutrients yielding less and paying for more nitrate.

The future of farming is possible with RPMA’s unique ability to penetrate underground, its long-battery life, and high-value connectivity.

Long-term Battery Powered. Soil Nourishment.

Farms are busy places that require a lot of maintenance. RPMA’s five-year battery life for underground applications gives farmers their time back for use on other pressing matters. RPMA’s long battery life also removes the need for lead acid batteries—that have the potential for environmental hazard. This greatly reduces the risk and makes operation super simple, with very low maintenance.

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