The street lighting is one of the largest energy expenses for a city. An intelligent street lighting system can cut municipal street lighting costs as much as 50% – 70%.

An intelligent street lighting system is a system that adjusts light output based on usage and occupancy, i.e., automating classification of pedestrian versus cyclist, versus automotive. An intelligent street light management proposes the installation of the wireless based system to remotely track and control the actual energy consumption of the street lights and take appropriate energy consumption reduction measures through power conditioning and control

The street light controller should be installed on the pole lights which consist of microcontroller along with various  sensor and wireless module. The street light controller installed on the street light pole will control LED street lighting depending on traffic flow, communicate data between each street light. The data from the street light controller can be transferred to base station using wireless technology to monitor the system

The mode of operation of the system can be conducted using auto mode and manual mode. The control system will switch on-off the lights at required timings and can also vary the intensity of the street light according to requirement.

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