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Vula Telematix’ revolutionary RPMA technology enables the promise of the Internet of Things by providing the long-range, two-way, reliable connectivity required to expand and create new solutions in a wide range of industries.

Ingenu and our partners together deliver solutions which leverage RPMA connections on the Machine Network, across many of the most demanding M2M markets. Explore some of the solutions provided by the RPMA ecosystem or contact us to ask about other solutions.

We offer many ways to get started with RPMA. We have our rACM development platform to start testing applications your company is interested in.

Asset Tracking.

Improve productivity and reduce losses by intelligently tracking critical assets (connected or otherwise) throughout the value chain.

Precision Agriculture

 The goal of precision agriculture research is to define a system to support whole farm management with the goal of optimizing returns on inputs while preserving resources

Smart Utility

Connected devices will enable solutions that make up the smart city; Smart Energy and Water & Gas metering and management

Smart Public Lighting

LED street lightning can be up to 50% more cost efficient. Add a smart control systems and you’re able to extract a further 30% savings from the usage.


rACM Development Kit

Our development platform, or rACM (reference Application Communication Module), is plug-n-play, so no code compiling necessary! Get our rACM and start testing applications the day you get it. Our kit comes with a USB cable so just plug it into a USB port on your computer and get going.



Vula Telematix leverages a network of solution developers who are developing applications for varied use cases. There are more that 15 international partners in SA and 8 in South Africa and counting..



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