The Internet of Things is changing the world forever

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come - Victor Hugo, Author

Dedicated to Machines

RPMA began a fully unconstrained intensive technology development in 2008 to provide very low cost, feature rich, and robust connectivity for IOT devices before the term IOT was even being used. There were no short-cuts. The optimal unconstrained approach for these devices required a whole new technology, a new chip (ASIC) development, and years of in-field development to optimize the protocol to where it is today. In the process of deploying 38 private networks, an enormous amount was learned about customer requirements, real-world channel conditions, and capacity modeling.  These learning shave been folded into evolving the technology.

RPMA Score Card

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Not your regular new-comer

Vula Telematix has deep experience and credentials in building successful networks. Out of the Vula Group, WBS was born as the first dedicated wireless data network in the country which built the network which connected Uthingo, the first National Lottery in South Africa


The Vula Group pioneered black participation in the ICT industry in 1994 and has continued to be a leading proponent of transformation.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

RPMA technology enables shortest time from concept to production. Vula Telematix is engaged in many initiatives to enable entrepreneurs to take advantage of IoT opportunities

Thought leadership

Vula Telematix is pioneering many IoT business initiative in various verticals in South Africa which will undoubtedly become a global showcase