Purpose built Network for the internet of things

Ready for Smart Grid Solutions

Secure and reliable!


Connectivity exclusively for Machines

Robust Data transmission at a fraction of the cost


The Machine Network South Africa

powered by RPMA under license from Ingenu

Vula Telematix is enabling the Internet of Things in South Africa

By enabling simple and seamless connectivity for the Internet of things, we enable organisations of all types to focus on their business and not on the technology.

Vula Telematix is rolling out the Machine Network SA under license from Ingenu

Smart utility solutions

Automate meter reading, Demand side management

Smart public lighting

Intelligently monitor and manage street lights

Asset Tracking

Stay informed Plan intelligently Stay in control Of your assets in transit

Precision agriculture

Monitor soil moisture and quality, and other critical data. Improve Crop yield and life-stock health


Smart Grid Solutions


Smart public lighting

May 10, 2017 in Featured, Vula Telematix in the News

Why you need to invest early in IoT ?

As with all new technology, there is some reticence in business about the internet of things (IoT), the interconnectivity – via the internet – of computing devices embedded in everyday objects.This radical new technology is driving what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution or, more colloquially, 4IR. There is nevertheless a strong case to be made for early investment…

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April 12, 2017 in Featured, Vula Telematix in the News

New IoT network emerges in SA

Vula Investments, the energy and telecommunications investment vehicle chaired by Mark Headbush — a key figure behind the launch of Wireless Business Solutions and iBurst — has revealed plans to build a nationwide Internet of things (IoT) network through subsidiary Vula Telematix. Roll-out of the network has already started, with the focus, at least initially, on Gauteng and Cape Town, followed…

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What other RPMA users say

“Grid reliability is a high priority for us, and the deployment of Ingenu’s RPMA network will allow us to connect our smart meter infrastructure across our entire service territory with minimal network requirements. It will also give us important real-time information to help us better understand what we can do to optimize our electrical grid.”

Roberto HerreraExecutive Director, CEPM Dominican Republic

“When we initially launched the RPMA network, we were focused on smart grid initiatives. However, in a very short time frame, we have been able to augment our services by adding an array of smart applications without the need for incremental network investment.”



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